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Cardiac Science G3 AED Defibs - Now withdrawn from the UK

Buy the Cardiac Science G5 or chose the excellent HeartSine 350P

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Quite simply, we believe that the Cardiac Science and HeartSine ranges of portable defibrillators are the best on offer. They are trusted by major organisations such as the NHS, The FA, to name but a few. Here is a summary of the key benefits of owning a Cardiac Science portable defibrillator:

See a demo of a Powerheart G3 AED in use >

See a demo of a Powerheart G5 AED in use >

See HeartSine defibrillators including HeartSine 350P and Heartsine 500P >

Why buy a portable AED defibrillator?

As we have all witnessed from the recent high profile cardiac arrests of Premiership footballers, anyone - regardless of age or fitness, can suffer sudden cardiac arrest at anytime.

It is well known that First Aid treatment of a sudden cardiac arrest is time critical, and for every minute that defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival decreases by up to 14% per minute - See British Heart Foundation website.

Allowing time to make an emergency call, the ambulance journey time and the time taken to set up the portable defibrillator and administer defibrillation, the delay from collapse to paramedic treatment is usually 13 to 14 minutes at best (average response time for ambulance is 8 minutes - source the NHS Information Centre).

After this length of time there is virtually no chance of survival.

Therefore, easy access to an on site portable defibrillator and prompt defibrillation has the potential to safe lives and prevent the casualty from deteriorating prior to the ambulance service arriving.

So why not take advantage of our special offer and buy a Cardiac Science or HeartSine portable defibrillator unit today?

We will give you all the help and support that you require to choose the best portable defibrillator unit for your organisation and we will provide all the training that you require.

Should your organisation buy a defibrillator?

In particular, portable defibrillators are recommended for all of the following types of organisation:

Primary Care


Sports and Leisure

Educational establishments

Cardiac arrest?      time is critical ... For every minute that passes the chances of survival decrease by up to 14%.  If you have a defib you could save a life!Buy HeartSine 300P AED Defibrillator

HeartSine 350P (was 300P)

from £899.00+VAT

Why buy a Cardiac Science or HeartSine AED Defib?

Why buy an AED defib from us?

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