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Emergency Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Key Features


Medical Oxygen - Cylinder, Mask & Bag

£190.00 +VAT per year

Medical Oxygen - Trade-in Old Cylinders

£150.00 +VAT per year special rental price

If you have an out of date or empty oxygen cylinder, we will replace it with a new GCE cylinder with 579L of medical oxygen at the special price of £150 +VAT per year, fixed for 3 years!

We will take back any make of cylinder. Price includes up to 3 cylinder replacements per year.

Refills - Up to 3 Exchange Cylinders per year included in rental!

£0.00 no charge for up to 3 refills per year! All other suppliers charge for refills!


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More Information

General Information

The emergency oxygen cylinder from our approved supplier Speciality Oxygen Service, (SOS), is designed to provide immediate medical oxygen for all kinds of emergencies. It has been carefully designed around the needs of dentists, clinics, first responders and other medical professionals.

The oxygen kit (cylinder, tubing and mask) can provide lifeline medical oxygen for use before the arrival of the emergency services. It is capable of providing high flow oxygen for use during Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and also a variety of different flow rates for other oxygen therapy indications.

The emergency oxygen cylinder can be provided with a purpose-made backpack for easy transportation to the casualty. It contains a lightweight medical oxygen 579L cylinder with an integral regulator, oxygen tubing and an oxygen mask.

Medical oxygen can be delivered between 1 and 15 litres per minute. This provides up to half an hour of treatment at the highest oxygen flow rate, helping to prevent the casualty deteriorating prior to the arrival of professional medical assistance.

The medical oxygen cylinder should have the oxygen replaced and be inspected every three years to ensure that the oxygen is fresh and the cylinder is in good working order.

SOS also provide a refill service for GCE and other oxygen cylinders. We take back your old cylinder and replace it with a new one at a special rental price of £150.00 for the first year, price fixed for first 3 years.

Your order can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements with additional equipment such as :-

What is included with the Emergency Oxygen Cylinder?

Benefits of using our Oxygen Cylinder Service

Oxygen Cylinder Refill/ Replacement Service

If you have an empty or out of date Oxygen Cylinder of any make, we can provide a replacement new GCE cylinder with 579L of medical oxygen at the special rental rate of just £150.00 plus VAT per year, fixed for 3 years.

We can only Supply Medical Professionals & Qualified First Responders

Please also include your GDC/GMC or other relevant number or qualification, as we cannot dispatch oxygen until this has been received.

Emergency Oxygen - A Clinical View

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** Delivery is normally 2 - 3 working days

Medical Oxygen Cylinders for:

Dentists, Doctors, Clinics, First Responders, & trained First Aid personnel. Meets CQC

Medical Oxygen Cylinder with 579L oxygen & mask

£190.00 +VAT

per cylinder per year.

Includes up to 3 replacement

cylinders per year.


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Medical Oxygen for Dentists - Medical oxygen service tailored to the needs of dentists and CQC requirements