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DY60 UV Room Steriliser and Air Purifier

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UV-C Room Steriliser   

99.9% Disinfection - Kills Covid-19!

UV-C Air Sterilisers are ideal for Dentists, Clinics, Hairdressers, Beauticians, Small Shops and Offices and Reception areas

Our Ultraviolet UV-C Steriliser cleans and disinfects workplace air with a 99.9% disinfection rate, in one pass!

Kills Covid-19 and other bacteria!

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With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic there is has been a lot of concern around the dangers and risks that many professionals face in their field of work from exposure to contaminants and various disease pathogens present in the air.

Serving members of the public in relatively confined spaces and conditions where social distancing is not easily possible leads to anxiety in staff about the very real risks involved. Post the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we all have a duty to provide the safest possible environment for staff, patients and clients.

Ultraviolet light (UV-C light) used in conjunction with air filtration in a 5-stage purification and sterilisation process, as in the Steril-air UV Room Steriliser, results in 99.9% clean sterile air for staff and clients. CE Certified and made to the highest quality standards, this UV room steriliser comes complete with built in spare UV lamps and a 1-year warranty. Furthermore, there is no training required in its use, just plug-in and direct the clean airflow in the direction you choose.

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Main Features

Ultraviolet UV-C Air Steriliser - 99% Disinfection Rate. Kills Covid-19

How does a UV Room Sterilser Work?

5 Stages of Air Filtration and Sterilisation

The UV-C Room Filter has 5 cleaning stages:

DY60 UV-C Room Steriliser and Air Purifier

Special Offer £495.00

plus VAT & delivery

For this special offer please buy online. For multiple orders please contact us >

UV Room Steriliser cleans & sterilises air using a 5 stage process - UVC light kills Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Why buy a UV-C Room Steriliser?

Safety and peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your staff, clients/patients and yourself

Working in close proximity to other people carries the risk of transfer of illnesses caused by airborne bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Wearing PPE is highly advised as a first essential step, but you can do more by reducing/eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses with an effective UV-C room steriliser.

By carefully directing the airflow from the UV-C Room Steriliser you can ensure that your staff, clients/patients are primarily breathing in filtered and sterilised air. The UV-C Room Steriliser runs quietly in the background (just 55db) continuously removing pollutants and killing bacteria and viruses in the circulating air.

Is a UV-C Room Steriliser safe to use?

An UV-C (ultraviolet) room steriliser passes air through band C ultraviolet lamps which, using the principle of mirror reflection, greatly increase the sterilization effect. In order to avoid damaging ultraviolet radiation to people the UV lamp tube is installed inside the machine and does not directly radiate any light outside of the machine.

Who would benefit the most from a UV-C Room Steriliser?

Sterilisation & Purification

4 Models to choose from

Buy Online UV Air Steriliser kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Steril-air DL60 and DL100

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UV Air Steriliser - DL150T kills Coronavirus (COVID-19) using UVC light and cleans with a HEPA filter

Steril-air DL120T and DL150T

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UV Room Steriliser DY60 to DY100 kills Coronavirus (COVID-19) and 99% of airbourne bacteria and viruses

Steril-air DY60 and DY100

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Viralair UV Air Sterliser for Workplaces - UV Steriliserthat safely sterilisers the air with UVC light inside the machine


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